Shovels and hydraulic cylinders are the most important components in a flaps system; that’s why Draghetti Marine Division decided to produce hydraulic cylinders in AISI316 stainless steel and the shovels in AISI304 stainless steel with a width of 3 mm. The cylinders are finished with mechanical polishing while the shovels may be either shot-peened (to improve the adhesion of antifouling paints) or mechanically polished (to have a more attractive aesthetic finishing).

DEF-TS is composed by a compact keypad (which also acts as a flaps position viewer) and by an hydraulic unit which activates the double-action cylinders, which have built-in a sensor that provides the real time positioning of the flaps.

In DEF-TS system the position sensors and the hydraulic pipes are not in direct contact with marine water so that they can not be corroded by external agents. DEF-TS is designed to bring back in idle position the flaps whenever the engine of the boat is turned off, in order to prevent damages due to salt corrosion and fouling to the piston rod of the cylinders.

DEF-TS system was studied to be easily and quickly installed on all types of transoms, also thanks to the drilling template that we supply and that facilitates the drilling operation of the transom and make extremely precise positioning of the system on the hull.

Why choose Draghetti Marine Division’s DEF-TS system:

exit speed from the glide

powertrain performance

easy assembly



assembly mystakes

Guideline for the choice of flaps dimensions of DEF-TS SYSTEM:

The simplicity of use and installation, clean design, the high-tech level and quality of materials make Draghetti Marine Division’s DEF-TS system the best choice to handle the trim flaps for every boat.

Draghetti Marine Division’s own internal design studio is at complete disposal to meet customer’s requests and create tailor made interceptor for each boat.

Guideline for the choice of flaps dimensions of DEF-TS SYSTEM: