The components in contact with water are made with Anticorodal 6082 Aluminum treated with a special anodization called GHA that closes the pores of raw material with silver ions. This prevents the oxidation of aluminum ensuring a better reliability comparing to AISI316 stell and granting weight loss.

It is also possible, as an optional, to have 2 hydraulic units that control 1 single interceptor each. With this solution customer will have a better management of the boat because the 2 interceptors become totally indipendent, allowing cross commands (i.e. right up while left down and viceversa) without any problem. This is possible only using autotrim system.

The electronic components are the same as our DEF-TS system, so that it is very easy to replace one system with the other simply substituting the external components that are in contact with water. Draghetti Marine Division’s own internal design studio is at complete disposal to meet customer’s requests and create tailor made interceptor for each boat.

Why choose Draghetti Marine Division’s DEF-TS system:

The correct dimensioning of interceptor strongly depends on type and shape of transom of the boat and on how high customer wants to lift his boat up. It is necessary to install in a plane area, higher than 270mm from the bottom of hull. Draghetti Marine Division can design custom projects, basing on special or peculiar transoms.